*p l a y g r o u n d #003: Pelle Gøtze

I want to experiment on stereotyping kids. The Birthday Party is just kids in grown up mindset. The plan is to shape a trailer to an american teenflix that was never made and the fact, that these characters are 7 years ahead of that. I wanted incorporate intertextual references to music and films that fascinates me.

The concept for this video piece came up after a couple of brainstorms between Jacob Bellens and I. The idea was pretty simple, but it was the process that made the video. Working with each of the characters to give them a notable part wasn’t easy, but worked out in the end and I’m very happy about the result.

Working with kids is a gamble and spending almost half of the pre-production on the casting was a good call. Also working with VFX is a new thing for me and thanks to the guys at Macho this video ended the way it did! Having a super talented team, working so intensely for a short time, around you is just great!

- Pelle Gøtze, Director